1. Okay so I know I'm late but I'm goona do this and text everyday about it. Now is night and at tomorrow I will start.
    Goal:45(impossible but let's try)
    I will be there tomorrow. Bye

  2. I'm 12 and 40 kgs everyone is teasing me in school even my own brother teases me so i have decided to lose weight.I believe that I can lose weight I will do it!!!

  3. work out early in the morning .. but i always woke in the afternoon because i sleep in 3am my work is in shifting schedule so its so hard to work out in the morning but i always workout everyday but not in the morning.

  4. I am 23 my height is 5.2 ft my weight is 120kg please tell how to loose my weight…i started but I can't be able to do it 😒😒😒😭😭😭 I can't walk faster and about workout I loose my stamina so soon…
    What should I do please help me I really need help

  5. Lose stress to lose weight.
    1 ditch that two timming boyfriend/ husband
    2 ignore messages/ call from cheaters.
    3 ditch too much salty+ fried foods
    4 no need to have desert after every meal
    5 no need to drink After eating , drink always before

  6. Guys if you want to lose weight just do
    1. Running for 5. minutes
    2. Do some half pushups
    3. If you want to burn belly fat just do some excercise easy which stretches your stomach
    4. No need of dieting . Just do less food like if you eat 2 roti eat 1 . Eat less at night . I lost 3 kgs in
    in 10 days doing like this . I was 80 kgs at April 1 and now at april 10 I’m 77 kg

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