1. I’ve been dieting and doing these exercises along with HIIT cardio for the past week. I plan to stick with this routine consistently. Wish me luck and any tips are greatly appreciated.

  2. I actually have difficulty in doing the straight arm russian twists. whenever I get into position, it's like my back automatically bends backwards, restraining me from getting the correct form. Any advice on this? V shred subscriber here. I'm currently doing the Fat loss extreme program but I thought I'd give this workout a try on "rest" days just to practice proper muscle contraction.

  3. i followed your abs routine ,, but i have an issue with abs, i
    am getting abs at one side only my right side abs are not well doveloped as
    compared to left side plz help me out over tht

  4. Hello i want to inpres my crush and i want to be strong and burn all the fat so i hope you can make a video How to buen all the fat an get strong 2 month ore give mi a hint ore comment pls????????????????????

  5. Like I’m skinny and underweight so I don’t understand why my abs aren’t showing properly I still have some belly fat but I am skinny

  6. Killer Ab workout. Did it for for the first time today. I must admit that I had two 'unofficial' breaks during the workout. I'm determined it won't happen again.

  7. I'm really proud of myself I did this exercise twice today. I also did another 7 mins abs workout no rest this morning! I love the resistance bands I just got for TUT , HIIT, HIIRT. Thanks for your help! <3 Your hot btw

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