1. Hey Cassey…… the workouts are really great. But I have a query whether these exercises would bulk up our hands ? bcoz I want to strengthen my muscles as well as get rid of flabby arms ….

  2. Owe… Ow…ow….ow….ow…*crack*… Argh..ahhhhh flop

    It's killed me! New like here though! During lockdown I've put on weight. I'm 14st. This is the heaviest I've been in my life (and I've carried 2 babies!). This is unacceptable to me (not saying it's bad for anyone else, but for my own self, it's not good). Upped my movement, sorted out my food and using this video to help with my huge dragon wings that have appeared! I can't fit in some of my fave dresses… NOPE. I will not have it! Thank you for a great (and agonizing) video. Anyone else curl up and roll forward every few seconds during the arm spinning?? Just me?? 😂

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