1. Hey Lucy you are amazing… I could able to feel happiness radiating from you when you do those awesome workouts… I had kidney transplant before six months and I'm working on reducing my post transplant belly and weight gain… I have been doing some of your work outs for the past two weeks… Though I have not seen any visible results yet I feel more energetic and happy… Thanks to you… You made me feel normal after a long time… My heart felt gratitude… You are a great inspiration to so many people.. I'm proud to be one of them… You are a blessing in my life… Love you sister…

  2. Do you have a work out to help improve posture??? I’m sure you would do a fantastic job putting together a quick routine for improving posture 🤗👍🏻❤️

  3. Oh boy! I just did this step workout! Amazing and fun. Thank you Lucy. I’m all sweaty. I did my best to follow in the right. I didn’t know I could do push-ups. I guess you’ve helped me strengthen my arms.

  4. Ur exercise works for real….like magic….. ur such a life saver for me….i can never thank u enough…. lods of love 😚❤❤❤🌸

  5. Will these exercises help for all these foll in one session of 10 or 20 minutes to tone , 1) reduce arms , 2) narrow down and reduce shoulders , 3) abs, 4) core, 5) sides of tummy , 6) back and 7) underarms bra bulge all together and at the same time tackle 8) hip dips at the same time ???????

  6. Hi Lucy, how can I contact you? ? Want you to have my online trainer…..before that can you please answer my few questions? ? How can I contact you?

  7. Mam, I am your big big fan….and I started your work out just few days,its very amazing and burn more calories….super work outs…no hard it..everyone can do it easily..I love it..thank you sooo much….

  8. I just tried day 1 of this challenge and it's great! I used the kitchen step going into the backyard. 👍. Great overall workout, with lots of doable and challenging moves. Thanks Lucy! Now to hit the shower as I'm positively dripping 💦💦💦💁🏻😂👟💕

  9. Once again you nailed it! Love love love you workouts and I will never get bored working out with you I love how you shake it up and do something different

  10. Hi Lucy, I really like the workouts u post. I follow you religiously. However I have a apple shape body. I want to know what all exercises should I mix and how many times a day should I do them to get a full toned body. Plz suggest me

  11. Hello Lucy. Can you please make a work out for chubby cheeks? I could lose weight all over my body but my face is still fat.. I really love your videos. ❤

  12. I'm so happy I've just got off the scales to find out I'm 10 stone!! I gone from 13 stone to 10 stone 😁😁😁 at Christmas I'd put on 8 pounds, and was very upset, but lost it again woohoo!! I just need to lose 1/2 stone now and I'll be happy with my self! I been doing Lucy's work outs 7 days a week like she tells you too. It just shows keep it up and it will work!!! Lucy I hope you see this message. Your amazing how you can make somebody more happy in their self. Love you so much your the best and I'll keep doing, your work outs! They are a part of my life now. If I have a day from not working out I feel so naughty! When I weighed myself I was so happy I was crying with joy. ☺

  13. Lucy, I've been doing some of your workouts and stretches and I just want to say that I'm able to touch my toes 😭 I never thought I'd see the day. I can't even walk five steps without having some part of my knees cracking and my body is just really stiff even though I'm in my early twenties. Thank you so much

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