1. I LOVE this one of you … and you are so kind comforted us during the hard time 😄
    And…. you look like Sandra Bullock 😋

  2. Quick and efficent AB workout. I love how simple yet strenuous this workout was. I used a 7lb dumbbell and repeated this 2x for the full burn. I highly recommend this video to anyone trying to tone their core. THANK YOU!

  3. Been doing this workout every day along with a simple cardio workout, I really hope to see results soon! Thank you for this video!

  4. Day 2 finished and it’s soooo hard! The first 3 exercises are easy and I thought 'Well, can’t be that hard, can it?‘ But after…HELL, I FEEL THE BURN!

  5. What is the weight of the dumb bell? I’m starting out with very weak arms, so if I go above 10 lbs for this workout, I lose my form. I’m wondering if it’s more important to keep your form (so you’re doing it right) or going with a higher weight.

  6. That workout nearly murdered me :'). Do you have any advice on what to drink/eat beforehand? And how much time after eating/drinking are you allowed to do this workout? I got really nauseous doing this and I think it's because I drank too much beforehand.

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