1. hey boys uh i've been sorta chubby my whole life and got called names by my older brother so i am finally working on my body just remember it's a mind thing you just need to push yourself and you can get it done. I am now seeing results after about a week doing this which is very motivational for me. good luck gentlemen and don't give up

  2. So I’m 5’7 and 145lbs do I really need to eat super healthy to get six pack? I’m naturally skinny, I’m also pretty active everyday

  3. updating every day, i also do a 15 or so min workout before this so yh, my stomach has a bit of flub but not much

    Day 1: Took a few-second breaks at some points, had breaks in between cos i didn’t know how to do the exercise, absolutely kills

    Day 2: same as yesterday

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