1. I love the way you put the calories burned on the videos. I am competitive and watching the calories burned makes me go that extra mile. Thank you!💝

  2. After having three babies I had no stomach muscles left. I tried to get my abs back slowly and destroyed my back with certain exercises like leg lifts. Just be careful with your back when trying to strenghten your core.

  3. Tried this! This is so much fun! Can immediately feel the tense! Just a quick question, I have started to do some workout at home to lose weight and to gain some muscles, do i just do this particular exercise per day? Or combining it with other forms of workout in your channel? Thanks a lot! =) Loving your work!!

  4. I've been a coach Kozac fan for a long time but I absolutely hate ab workouts.  But this one was so much fun!  I was really able to challenge myself without cursing my way through the whole thing.  I'll definitely be coming back to this one for sure…can't wait until I can move up in the difficulty level.  Thanks so much!

  5. ahhh love this one I Been doing the 5 minute beginner combined with the 7 minute standing workout and I love how this one combines the two kind of loveeeee

  6. i really love your beginner work out exercises. so easy to follow and immediately feel what it is enhancing. highly recommend for beginners like me. hope you get more subscribers. thank you so much!

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