1. Hi dear… Awesome receipes on weight loss meal plan.. love the way you cook and the presentation too awesome 👍 Need to know receipes on breast feeding time… please

  2. Hi ma'am ….super easy and tasty recipies ..the best video for weight loss ….you have given full weak meal plan in single video ..A big thanx …hats off to you

  3. Day 1
    Fat cutter drink
    Cinnamon + hotwater + lime juice + honey
    Weight loss smoothie
    Banana + oats + home made protein powder + peanut butter + milk
    Morning break —-
    Crackers with tea
    Brown rice + dal + cumcumber
    Evening snack
    Cinnamon+ ginger + moringa leaves
    High protein salad
    Chickpeas + onion + tomota + cumcumber + carrot + curry leaves + pepper powder + promo + amchur powder

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