1. The exercises shown in the video are for anterior,lateral and posterior deltoid. What about exercises for rotator cuff muscles ?Pl respond.

  2. Hanna, you should list what workout works what part of the shoulder this would be helpful I still get a little confused on which workout is suppose to work what muscle. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Oh wow!!! I feel good just watching this!!! I love your English!!! Loved the workout and looking forward to taking it to the gym with me!!! I'm also in love with the beet flex leggings and beet seamless sports bra! I just need a baby pink top to finish the look! You look fabulous in that outfit! Thanks! <3

  4. Thank you for adding the commentary and longer scenes of each workout. I really enjoy learning from you and trying to do your workouts, but it has been hard to follow. When you are in the gym trying to look at your phone it's hard to really study how you demonstrate a position when it's only 3 second clips. Giving at least 10 seconds per exercise and your advice commentary is extremely helpful. Thanks for the bomb work out 😊

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