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  2. Bad pullups technique… Its not correct and it makes ur muscle shorter. Your legs should be a lil in front of you and be straight !!! Stop learning people doin it wrong !

  3. I welcome you warmly. Could you answer some questions because I don't know.

    1. I am obese, I have a balanced diet from a dietitian. Can I do these exercises shown in the video on these 7 exercises? Of course with more reps?

    2. Can these 7 exercises in the film be done for many years or until the end of life progressing?

    3. Are these 7 strength exercises in the video enough to build a body?

    I am not a bodybuilder, I train only for myself, I come from Poland from Europe. Best regards, please answer my questions.

  4. Weak ass squat requiring a belt, touch and go and half rep overhead press, touch and go deadlifts 😂 too much volume, this workout sucks 👎

  5. Now I know why all these newbies at my yuppie box gym are never seen after 3-4 months, the reps, routine mirrors everything I am seeing here. The barbell overhead press should be cleaned to your
    chest, then you press up, that resting at chest level, is cheesedick using lifting belt too. 3 sets on barbell bench? WTF! You need 3-4 sets to warm up, plus no incline bench? It seems all the
    weights are stacked on the deadlift, they do not allow you to do that at my gym, depends on who is on shift, they will tell you to stop or get your membership revoked. The deadlift takes all your muscles to work, so it takes a few days to recover, it will tank you or break your spine either way, if it works for you, have at it. The pull ups, you need to spread your arms a little wider, the best overall
    back building routine is the Penlay row, not bent over, another cheesdick back routine. Most of these guys have been lifting for over 5 years at the minimum, it is a long process, lots of pain, time,
    commitment, and most of all money. If you all these supplemental starved people, you will spend on worthless stuff your body does not need, the fact to that, only less than 40% of supplements
    work for people. Now if you want to amp up your game, then easy to gear up, but then those cycles will be a mental strain, who's gearing, the red robin skin, constantly sweating, full intense charging
    to every exercise, no hair, bald or balding, needing to wear a ball cap, yeah, the side affects. Guys, it hard work, not going to be overnight, it takes years, the older you get the harder it is, at least you
    are in there.

  6. Sir how many times in a week wud u suggest this workout ?? Also wanted to know u have any variations of same workout …eg 1 week incline , 1 week decline … Same muscle but working from different different angle

  7. Pushups, pull ups and squats are my favorite exercises, overall. Even though ive never been able to perform a pull up properly, or at all haha

  8. Alot of snowflakes in the comment section spreading misinformation on things they've never done. It's almost painful to read. Nice video and effective way to lift.

  9. I lifted three to four times a week when in my 20's and 30's. Starting to return to lifting now that my kids are grown and on their own. I saw the video and did the exercises. Because I am now almost 60, I use much less weight. I am more concerned with proper form than going heavy (100 to 125 on each exercise). Once I feel I own it, I will start to increase weight a little at a time. Always starting with streches and warm ups before lifting and cool downs when done.I am in it for the long haul. Your thoughts please.

  10. Man this made me feel good!!! Day one – Squat, military, Chins/Dips – Day Two – Deadlifts, Rows, Bench. Heavy as I can for 3×5 reps. Everybody is talking about volume for hypertrophy, but as a beginner I'm seeing huge gains in size AND strength. When I can throw a lot of weight, I'll ramp the volume! Done!

  11. Been training for 33y, i am 46 recently back to stronglifts 5 x 5, squat, deadlifts, bench press, standing military press, bent rows, all you need rest around 3 minutes between sets. Best decision ever i am seeing my body transformation week by week

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