1. Excellent for many… no weights or gym. "Since this physical body is the throne whereon the inner temple is established, God hath ordained that the body be preserved to the extent possible, so that nothing that causeth repugnance may be experienced." ~ The Bab, Baha'i Faith

  2. I saw this video and did squats lol..my thighs are hurting so bad .. it's like ican't even walk.. the postion of the legs .. where to keep ur hands matter a lot when doing squats..if you are doing it wrong you can expect a faith like mine😭😭

  3. I just want to tell everyone here that take it slow by slow, consistency is key and be happy with what you do, not sad with what you didnt do and over time like every 3 weeks or a month, increase reps and difficulty, bye have a nice day.

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