1. My dog and I went for a walk down to my meditation garden after the workout. I am not a big exerciser but I love walking in my woods. It relaxes my thoughts to be among the trees, and the meandering walk loosens my joints "when" I do exercise. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great stretch for my arms and shoulders. However, I have to be careful because I have inflammation in my pectoral muscles in both arms from driving too much to and from work. I will continue with this workout because it’s helping my arms.

  3. I’m 69 years old, have always been in pretty good shape, but recently injured my rotator cuff and couldn’t use weights for my arms, this workout has been great, protected the injury and restored muscle tone….thank you! I never miss a day because this works, and because I really enjoy doing it.

  4. I love these arm exercises. They do burn just enough. I'm 64 and totally enjoying it! I started trying to focus on doing them daily. 👍💕

  5. I love your workouts and do many of them every day. I appreciate you so much!
    I do have a recommendation: Many people don't know that they can get youtube on their TV. I discovered it only recently. It might be a good idea to tell or show people how to do it.
    It's so much more fun when it's on a big screen and the music is louder.

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