1. I couldn't even do one pullup when I started doing this beginner routine you posted a few months ago. Now I can. Great video. Thank you

  2. Do you think it’s possible to be able to do 8 pull-ups in about 30 days or so? I’m in the process of enlisting in the Air Force, and my goal is to become a SERE specialist. I’ve been working out everyday, pushing myself! As well as eating at healthy as I can. I just can’t do a pull-up😭.I really want this so any tips from you would be a blessing, thank you!

  3. Should i add sets or just go for a number i think i can reach? Like lets say 50 reps like not in one go but if iknew i could get there?

  4. Hey Bully, so i am working out..so happy to say i've gained 10 lbs! But the problem i am having is with my ankle…sometimes it gets in the way of me lifting…what ankle support do you suggest? There are soooo many. And also how can i eat more without feeling full for so long that i only find myself eating 1 big meal, and 2 small meals. But i gained 10 lbs so i'm confused lol help me please.

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