1. I have diatasis recti but not sure I can do the burpee or mountain climber. Can i just to the other 3 exercises 3 times and get the same results or do you have other hitt routines that are safer for someone like me?

  2. I did it today at the gym and I was out of breath after 2 minutes. Somehow I forced my way through to the end of the workout. Guess I looked really funny doing it (execution of the workout was really poor). Luckily, I made sure I was alone in the room while doing it =P

  3. OMG. thank you for this video. I can't get enough motivation to do longer videos. better 5 mins than nothing. even in such short time I get my heart rate elevated and that is the point.thanks again xxxxxx

  4. Holy….wow bowflex that was a great workout. Thanks. Love your workouts with the adjustable weights too. I am out of shape and would like to lose 30 lbs. These short workouts are helping. This is week three and I just started to do cardio. Again thanks for the workout videos.

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