1. All these people saying they just got here because of coronavirus… I've been doing this video plus his others for a year and a half… I'm probably responsible for 2.5 million views

  2. Day 30, Challenge #2, IT'S GYM O'CLOCK, BABY!

    Challenge #2 Complete!

    I absolutely felt it and a change was visible on day 15. Then it was Easter and I skipped 2 days, while I ate sweets until day 25 of the Challege, so sadly the results are not as I expected them to be, but definitely recommend that guy!

    I will take 1 day off and start with some of the videos of his that he uploaded after I started the challenge, and maybe I will find a sequence that works best for me.

    Good luck to everyone here after days 17 and 25! Push on!

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