1. This workout is amazing, people always used to compliment my figure when I did this and when I stopped doing the work out and started to loose muscle mass, people noticed. Definitely my favorite thigh workout!

  2. Day-1 its really hard to do all the squats.. i was out of breath.. legs were burning a lot.. stay tuned for updates
    Day -3 was able to do first 3 squats without pausing the video ..yes of course legs are paining day and night

  3. ok guys I am going to keep you guys updated about if this workout really works❤️like just to remind me Day 1: no results (I’ll be back tomorrow)

  4. I’m in quarantine and imma try this out till school is back. 😭😂
    Day 1: my legs hurt a lot and I kept taking breaks 😭.
    Day 2: my legs were really sore, it hurts to bend down 💀😂
    Day 3: the pain is going a little but no results yet.

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