1. This was a great workout as always! I really love all that Hasfit stands for! Definitely one of my favorite youtube exercise channels and I hope to be able to support via Patron at some point soon.

  2. hello. im an overweight mom with fatty belly and i want to lose it. ill try this 5 minute abs workout as a beginner. i feel this is the time for change💃hoping for the best of me after 4-5 months

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing your workouts and subtittles in your videos. I am a totally beginner and I trying to burn my fat. I am deaf and English isn't my language, so captioning is very helpful. Thank you very much! Good luck!

  4. Thank You, Coach and Claudia for what I believe to be a Great Workout for the Abs. I'm feeling a good burn and good vibes. Love You!

  5. Love the workouts. I started doing your workouts about 6 mos ago. I did my first 5k this year. 3.5 min faster and received a 3rd for my age group, which is 55+. Thank you again.

  6. thank you for your videos. I`m sorry, my comment won`t be on this specific video.
    On Friday I tried for the first time your 45 min workout for mass building for legs and for the next few days my legs and butt(!!!), also arms and back were sore, it was great!!! After that I tried another hour long strength/cardio workout and the soreness all over my body happened again. 🙂
    I wanted to ask if you could you may be upload new, about an hour long video for mass building for legs.
    Thanks again 🙂

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