1. Hi love these workouts so much. You have truly enlighten me. I have one question whilst doing the ab workout. The Leg Extension, My right hip pops each time I raise and lower my leg, it doesn't hurt but it does feel right. Can I adapt the move? Thank you for your time x

  2. i just started two weeks ago and going once every second day. I am just about ready to go everyday! i found this exercise extremely challenging how many times a week must i incorperate this one? that is what i need some sort of organization feeling a bit lost ( have downloaded most of the exercises ) SOME HELP?

  3. Solid solid 💪 workout ..I do it regularly following byour workout everyday ..whenever it suits me during the day as we are in a lockdown I feel the body is still fit.
    Thankyou ❤️ and you are Beautiful.

  4. I'm 60 but didn't want to do exercise for over 60, lol so I looked for over 50 and I found these. I am so glad that I did! Love you and love your workouts! Looking to get rid of my tummy! Will be a faithful daily follower!! Thank you for doing these!

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