1. I am so happy I found your channel! I am not really into exercise but you keep me motivated to keep doing it. All I wanna say is: thank you!

  2. Thanks for the video!! Could you please recommend any workouts (for a week or two) for those who had shoulder injury and could not perform shoulder movements or avoid big weights on them? I am thinking that this will be abs and legs, but I am curious how to use my other hand and how to train my back using only one arm?

  3. Hi, do you have a standing variation for these? I have twins 1 year ago, & sometimes hurt when i try to do lower abs laiyng down. Can i request any ringtone when the clocks end the series? Thanks 🙂

  4. Sir i have fat on my tummy area, i wont to loss it, so plz help me, what exercise i can do for burning fat, tell me about dumbbell exercise otherwise any other exercise plx sir reply & plz sir make a new video for solving my problem if you can. thank you.

  5. Can you please throw some light on the shoes you are using ? Can you be a little specific about the shoe model you are using ? just loved those shoes.

  6. I just did this one today.. Can I do it again tomorrow using ankle weights? or should I do a different routine and then come back to this one? The lower ab is my most challenging area to tone up any pointers?

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