1. Listen… I struggle with severe depression & I know a lot of my issues are in my weight/lack of energy. Your videos are so easy, fun and simple I can’t help but get up and do them. Thank you. Thank you so damn much girl. I can’t even describe.

  2. Your my new favorite YouTuber. Your energy and positivity lift me up during the workout and the fact that you did a true beginner video, thank you. I have a serious heart condition and it's really difficult for me to breathe especially during workouts and this live work out video is absolutely perfect.

  3. These affirmations are everything – I almost cried in the middle, just from the sincerity and warmth! I can't wait to support you; thank you for being part of my healing journey! 🙂

  4. I've been doing this every morning recently & it makes me feel so good & proud of myself. This really helps not with just getting into shape but confidence to❤thank you for this

  5. I subscribe because of this vid ❤ you're awesome! I can't believe I just discover you 😆 and this vid is great I'll definitely will keep coming back for this

  6. Okay, this is PERFECT for me. I want to lose weight, but honestly, I HATE doing the most 😂 wish I was one of those people who absolutely love the gym but I'm just not 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. I’ve been doing this for 2 days and I lost 3 pounds, it works! I know 3 pounds is not a lot but all the weight doesn’t just fall off. Slowly but surely I’m seeing pounds drop for once after all the workouts I tried.

  8. Hello! I am not a beginner.. but I wouldn't say that I am advanced just yet. My goal is to cut stress, put back on the 30 pounds that I have lost due to that and diet change, get my breasts back, stomach flat, legs back thick, and butt back and raised! HELP!!!

  9. Thanks your video makes me feel so grateful it makes me keep working out and because am 13 and I weigh 190 and I am a beginner but I we’ll still push throw it thanks

  10. I have been bouncing around from channel to channel, video to video trying to find the instructor to follow as I begin my weight loss journey and after this video… I'VE FOUND HER!!! SUBSCRIBING NOW! (Thanks for energetically encouraging your class and not ,over the top, screaming at us with excitement like SO many others that I watched before you. Lol)

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