1. My knees are in very bad shape right now and I cannot do squats and lunges and stuff like that at this time. I'm hoping that after I lose some weight that'll change. But I'm wondering if you have a routine that doesn't include those

  2. This is my new account my old one was crime queen I did comment 2 yrs ago on that account before and this video did show results I did 20 mins in the day and 20 at night amazing video keep it up, and when I did this I didn’t do the other workouts you did I just did basically regular bounce jump ropes, I am do this again to lose more weight off and do 4 sets in the 4 at night I might add jump jacks when you do the other workouts or still do regular bounce jump ropes let you know when I do it

  3. That's a load of crap lol. After sitting around doing nothing during quarantine, half way through my first circuit I was already panting. Definitely not for pure beginners, but it is a good workout

  4. Wow…I tried this just right now and couldn't finish it. I have an underlying condition and I am gonna do this 5 minute exercise until I get better and better…thank you for this dudes 👍

  5. Im a beginner & I do regular bounce only & I still suck at it. 😅😅 And for the boxer skip it's not possible for me right now. I hope this won't affect my workout.

  6. Holy crap! I’m 135lb only looking to lose 10lbs in my mid section.. 5 mins into this and I’m DYING.. threw up once.. talk about out of shape! Only saying this to say.. even if your “skinny” you can be out of shape and so I can look back at this in 30 days when I do this every day. Finishing up the last min now 🥳🥳 thanks for this video

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