1. When I try to hold my glute bidges my knees start to hurt and I’m pretty sure that that shouldn’t be happening, anyone know what causes it or how they’ll stop hurting?

  2. That wait till you get to your ideal weight thing😳… girl you just saved me from being frustrated with myself again. I loose weight and tone up so quickly I don’t see gains easily even though I love my natural shape. It’s almost like I DON’T wanna work out at all…. actually I stopped BECAUSE it felt counter productive.. I’ll pack on the pounds then worry about the shape but I still wanna squat daily 😩

  3. You YEAH YOU! GET UP RIGHT NOW AND WORKOUT YOU GOT THIS!!!! Go improve yourself the way u want you got this and if you forgot you’re amazing and beautiful the way you are

  4. I'm very quad dominant, that's where the shakes go.. lol love your content. I've been working on a weightloss and fitness challenge, definitely struggling to stay motivated but i want a nicer booty to fit my jeans. Great job!

  5. Actually I will start working out, I didn't workout so much before and I could really hold a glute bridge for the rest of the video I'm really proud😎

  6. Ko, it isn’t a person on the world who should be too busy for a bath. I love a bath! Maybe because it’s my time to decompress from my day. Nice warm bath, hook my iPad up and watch a little Ozarks or designing women while I relax in the tub!

  7. im naturally very 'lean' and muscular, so some of your tips i really take in with caution… if u would see me you would think im a tennis player even tho i only do yoga sometimes lol

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