1. Still a great exercise program even people don’t agree with your form don’t worry you helped me out I love the program my 14 yrs old son starting it tomorrow since I highly recommend you to him. I started this program 1 yr ago and still the best workout. One of them for sure from many exercise I do. 💋

  2. Your squat and deadlift form are not good. I would also get rid of the good morning and replace it with a hip thrust as everything you have here is axial loaded (not great for glutes)

  3. Haha it's funny that people who actually has been in the gym for no more than 10 days think that her form is incorrect. If you guys look closely during deadlift the plates she is using are extremely small thats why her knees are bent. Straight leg will turn into a romanian deadlift working majoring hamstrings. please research before pointing fingers.

  4. Hi, when I do deadlift, i don't bend my knees and try to put down the barbells with straight knees as advised by my trainer. Is it okay? Or, should I bend my knees a bit?

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