1. One of my most favourite workouts. I started following Popsugar about a year ago and it changed my life! Now, during the lockdown, Christa's and Jeanette's workouts are the only thing keeping me sane and somewhat motivated. I keep looking for more 40–60 mins workouts to have some variety, but so far found nothing as great as those two!

  2. why did they get so excited when she said they made the cut, what does she mean. ? (killer workout btw i cant stop sweating after the workout)

  3. I am so sad that I didn't see this 4 years ago!!! This girl is MY SPEED!! i WISH I could be IN her classes!!! Thank you so much for introducing me to this workout!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ok Christa you challenged me, not for grannies? I am 49; grandma of 3 and just finished my first week, you are definitely one of the best coaches, been gaining so much weight during quarantine so will be back in a few weeks with results. Love this workout!

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