1. I’ve shared this with a few of my closest friends and told them how I couldn’t feel my legs for days and they tried it, reported the same effect and shared it with their friends! This is my fourth time doing this same workout and it remains as my favorite at home workout! Thank you for this!

  2. That was really hard sometimes. Especially last ten minutes, I couldn't even notice an exercise. But it motivates me very much. Thank you, Akin and Nike for the possibility to play inside!

  3. Great workout, thank you so much for posting these what a great help during this COVID-19 time frame where outings are still limited

  4. Благодарю❤️
    Давайте медитировать вместе🙌
    10 минут вашего времени-принесет нам радость.
    Мы делимся опытом🧘‍♀️🎧, чтобы другие могли извлечь из них пользу.
    Дайте нам шанс🙏

  5. Akin is an incredible trainer, i've been working out with him close to 5 years and he's not only helped me change physically but mentally as well. I've been an athlete since I was 5 but lost my way after college & entering the 9-5 workforce. When I found his classes he really helped me tap back into my athletic mindset, I started out slow and modified everything. I committed to taking classes 5-6 days a week worked really hard, and lost close to 40lbs. All I'm saying is he practices what he preaches and if you stick to the method it works!

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