1. Your videos are helping me stay active during this stay-at-home order!! THANKS for such wonderful workouts. I'm sharing so many of your videos since I know a ton of my gym friends are struggling to find comparable routines to what we were used to at our gym! GREAT JOB!

  2. It's been a while since I worked out to your videos because I hurt my back. I'm healthy again and now being quarantine it's great that my boyfriend and I can work out together and we love it! You guys rock!!!!

  3. Hi! Love your workouts, especially the low knee impact ones. Please do more videos like this one (intensity) where you can also offer alternative exercises for those with knee problems, like chondromalacia, where twisting, squads and similar excercises are to be avoided. Thanks!!!

  4. Hey u guys r doing awesome job..workouts are esay to follow beginners to advance version following ur videos regularly helping me losing my weight .kudos to u guys 🙏👍

  5. made it back all the way around to this one again…I have a rotation of saved workouts, have some 30 favorites and I rotate them… such an excellent workout.. as always, thanks you two..

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