1. Thank you, Thank you Jenny,
    Since the pandemic hit us all, I needed something to to keep me going. Jenny you are so fun to follow. I have tried many different segments to keep it fresh. I want to thank you for posting these workout video's. They have been my lifesaver. By the way did I say thank you!!! 🙂

  2. Hi Jenny.
    Since the pandemic, my husband and I have been doing your longer cardio routines (or combining two shorter ones) two to four times a week and they are keeping us fit and sane. We identify them by location (garage, basement, family room, gym), your outfit, the exercises (walk in a circle, arms rolling up and then down, etc. Any chance you are thinking about doing some new ones? We are ready!
    Thanks so much and stay safe,

  3. Really enjoyed routine. However, got dizzy going in circles so instead incorporated some moves from routines from your’ other videos, I.e. grape vine, kick and punch forward and to the side or just marching😊

  4. Love your workouts! Have tried quite a few of them and like how you can ramp it up or down a bit. Quick question- have you ever thought of doing a workout for people that have scoliosis?

  5. I'm loving all of your videos. Low-impact is the only way I can exercise, but most of them are very easy and don't get my heart rate up. These are perfect. Your 10 balance exercises are very important to me because that's something I'm struggling with.

  6. I started doing your quarantine 20 minute workout several weeks ago. At first I could barely get through. About a week ago I was feeling really good about myself and tried the 40 minute routine. I.thought.I.was.going.to.die. Yesterday I did my 20 workout and it seemed easy. So I tried this one again. I made it to the end. The moves are becoming smoother, the form is becoming better, I am sweating more. My heart rate went up about 20 points higher than the other workout. Inch by Inch, it's a cinch. Thank you for these videos. It feels like you are talking directly to me. AND I feel great! Thank you!

  7. Super workout, could be lots of fun — I would like to see the mambo step in other workouts as I found the music to this one, particularly the first song, so irritating and unlistenable that I wouldn't do it again. Generally love your workouts.

  8. Hello Jenny fromage thé Netherlands. A big thank you for thé Workouts withouten jumping. I am not able to jump . If you fini thé Time make Some more, thanks

  9. Jenny we have got fitter during lockdown so I now do this and boxing. Can you add a more advanced workout? Thank you for keeping me sane for the longest time we could not go out and this saved me. From South Africa

  10. I really enjoyed the workout! When we take Water breaks please remind us to KEEP MOVING AROUND. I DO because I almost passed out on a Treadmill before. Seniors may not be aware of the importance of Slowing down the heart rate instead of not moving while drinking water and then speeding the heart rate back up. I know when I feel tired and slow down my head gets light. My friend wants to start working out with me and is very Plus size. Do you have stretching with light workouts?

  11. thank you soooo much, i lovet this one and and a balancing exercise would be great!! on another note, I love your roomand where did youget your curtains~???~

  12. Hi Jenny. Since the lockdown I have been unable to attend my aqua aerobic classes and have found your site an absolute boon. I’m 77 years old with arthritis in one hip & a hip replacement in the other. Your newest on is especially good for me but I’m not sure how to find the link for the video on Amazon…. not very IT capable! Can you give me some helpful instructions please? Thank you . Carole, Peterborough UK

  13. Hi Jenny. Thank you for your workout videos. They are helping us through this difficult corona period because in the Netherlands all the gyms are closed. We do one day the boxing video and the other day this video. I’m looking forward to a new one. Greetings Jan from the Netherlands.

  14. Hi Jenny, this is Sandra from Cornwall, England. Just found your videos, wow, just what I need right now. A really good workout with no pressure on my old joints. Will be following you and looking out for more. Many many thanks 🤸‍♀️😄

  15. I just have to ask what brand of shorts you wear. I love the style, fit and especially the color of the ones in this video.

  16. Hi Jenny 67th day of shielding here in the South East of England and wish I’d found your video’s earlier. I do prefer doing your at home routines and these along with healthy eating are keeping me going. My consultant recommended I don’t return to work until the beginning of July at the earliest but to be honest the way things are going here in the uk I think it could be more like September. Once again thank you for the at home routines xxxs

  17. Fantastic, warn here in the UK so I took it into the garden! 64 yrs and getting fitter 😁 The water break was a good idea, not seen that before 👍 Great thank you Jenny

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