1. They are the most kind coaches I have found across the internet. Every excessive is well explained, they are so motivating in comparison with other coaches that try to pushing us by screaming or else. Thank you! You guys keep me going even when I feel not to.

  2. I'm from hasfit tribe for four years! Hasfit has always helped me to stay fit during my hectic schedule and to build my metal toughness. I'm so grateful to Coach and Claudia. You both are my Gurus 😇🙏. Huge respect for your mission.

  3. Love you especially Joshua. Your way to support, encourage is different than anyone else. You are only coaches that reminds why are we here, why do I open YouTube and work with you, that WHY is so important to motivate. It does not motivate just pushing do, do, one more, you can.. it is not enough. Have to get reminder that WHY am I here just now. What I want to reach, and every day, I am little closer to it.

    And doing my best, I don´t have to be able to do all that you do, You both are so lovely to say and show it. In some other coaches videos I get depressed when I can´t keep in coaches pace, but when I train with you I don´t feel depressed I am just happy and motivated to do some version of what you show. You guys make me feel good, stronger and motivated.

  4. Is it safe to do more than one total body workout with weights twice per day or us this unecessary? Trying to lose weight and inquiring about two workouts per day !? Thanks

  5. Thank you both for sharing not HIIT workout as well. I am trying to loose belly fat and i think HIIT do not helyme because of increasing stress hormone

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