1. Planks for the first one almost had my towel thrown in. Can't do it. Torn rotator so no planks for this fat girl…Did the others the best a fat girl 60-80 lbs overweight can do. Day 1. Man I had let myself go… tomorrow plan to order my custom plan. Uf

  2. Thanks for this. Very effective. I can use this work out even at home.

    Just a quick question, I love drinking sweet beverages, and i stopped when i already enrolled myself in the gym. Do you have any tips so that I can at least ease my thirst for sweet beverages? Also, we eat rice 3x a day, is it not a good thing to eat a lot of rice? Should I eat something instead of rice? Thank you.

  3. Mr. V-Shred, please continue with the 4-minute Friday videos, please???? I always look forward to those, and while you're at it, please do more videos where people don't need gym equipment, I'm always looking forward to trying these workouts!?!?!?!?, thank you!?!?!?!?!

  4. Mr. V-Shred, during the flutter kicks you actually changed the exercise to ab scissors for about 13 seconds, then you went back to flutter kicks, and speaking of that, I don't think you've ever done ab scissors in any of your videos, which is strange seeing that it's a fairly popular exercise…

  5. this was A1! You helped me remember to always have my feet firmly planted down when exercising. Even brought your feet in and down when you rested. Sometimes my balance is off cause I’m not driving through my feet. Without shoes this helped a ton. I could see the difference.
    Continue the awesome work. Great video👍

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