1. I like your exercise. But my suggestion forme to follow through and enjoy more is if we could do it together on a per minute basis per exercise. In that case I can exercise all through .thanks

  2. I just came across your page 😁 and I would just like to say I've been wanting 6 packs FOREVER and I'm gonna try this out I hope I can look as good as you🙏 1 like means one extra day of motivation💯

  3. Hey ,I want to make 6 pack abs but I am 17 and my height is short ,so I want to improve my height too ,will these exercises affect my height?

  4. I wish I had learn the “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) a long time ago. For 3 weeks of pursuing the plans, I dropped TWELVE lbs There is still need of work outs even just a couple of times a week and the foodstuff to have should be right. It showed fantastic outcomes for me. Certainly, this is highly recommended and I also do wish this would work to you too simply because it did to me. .

  5. Bro i was doin this and on diet and on a product called thrive it help me out alot in 7 weeks when i started i was 127kgs now im only 105kgs on week 9

  6. I lost 10lb in 7 days then into 1 stone in 10 days on a soup, veg n fruit diet. Its totally true in the eating front. You can workout like a bitch but if you are eating the cals and shit then it wont happen. Eating less and healthy is tougher than the gym in my book but it works. Fortunately i just do the crazy part when i go on my summer holidays abroad and it works every time. And all i do is a half hour jog with maybe some sit ups and press ups etc and stuff in this vid but i never have to go mad when i eat right. Its all in the diet good luck.

  7. i wondered if this was better than the work out i did yes if you are wondering

    considering be for there was barley a burn now my stomach is on fire thanks might actually get that 6 pack now in stead of looking skinny

  8. How did you train your chest ? Can you make clip when u do 200 push up in one row. And do the flexing chest after do 200 push up. Like bouncing chest .. 😀

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