1. trust me I have loose weight around 3 kg in one month with just one simple change and that is having my dinner by 7-7:30 PM and nothing in between till my breakfast next morning( you can drink water)

  2. Chhavi I have a question from you..I am not able to pregnant becoz of my weight.. Doctor said to me this…You only say after pregnancy we can do this exercise for weight loss…But I want to weight loss for get pregnant so can you pls help me

  3. Hlo di .. My name is Kavita .. From Hanumangarh Rajasthan .. I am your big fan and have been following you for a long time .. My marriage has been 3 years. now we think about baby … but my weight is around 77 kg .😣 i want to loss weight. Sbhi khte h itne weight mein baby plan kroge toh cesarean se hoga. And I don’t want cesarean.. Please make video on weekly diet plan, Some exercises…. And aapne ek video mein btaya tha ki jb arham hua tha toh aapne jeera or ajwain ka pani piya tha.. Wo mein pi skti hu kya abhi.

  4. Hi chhavi i always follow your channel i am a mother of two my daughter is 5.5 years and my son is 3.7 years could you make some video on food chart and timing for this age you have a big daughter also

  5. What if one has never done push ups in life ? Is it easy to learn
    I feel my arm strength is too low usually wonder how it will be post partum
    Now I’m almost 6 months pregnant watching your videos to know what should a routine be like post partum ❤️

  6. Mam c section ke baad flat tummy ke exercises bataye mere csection ko.2month ho gay he tummy bahut nikala hua he plz mam aur exercises bataye jo csection ke baad safe tummy no flat karne ko

  7. But first u need to check weather u r suffering from diastic recti or not if yes den dese exercise will not work on ur tummy just an advice to all ladies I m not dislike this video so don't take it in wrong way

  8. I was doing good, started walking outside then winters happened and all just stopped, as you have to stay away from cold.
    Been 7 months already and want to get rid of tummy fat.

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