1. I suffer from really bad depression and I watch this video every day for motivation. The days that I can do part or all make me really hopeful

  2. Thanks for explaining the important details to not get hurt. I've watched many tutorial and such. None till now, explains proper forms to prevent injuries.
    Thank you again.

  3. I'm an indoor rower but this additional exercises really helps during this covid19 lockdown…Stay safe, stay healthy and stay fit everyone! Best wishes from UK. x

  4. A really great tutorial for beginners like me!
    For the last exercise, when squeezing my gluts, I can only feel my back thighs burning or shaking, instead of my core. What possible did I do wrong?

  5. love the explanation of each workout. I went at the gym 2017 and I learn asking to the people around me, but I saw I haven't doing right. So just went 6 months and stop at the gym so got focus on just hikes, to keep moving my body, But I have a week ago doing a challenge for this quarantine (stay home). I was looking how to do (in n outs) exercise and I find you. Thank you so much. to take some of your time to explain the right way to do it. I will be following you

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