1. Thank you so much for your amazing videos – and I love how you show both the easier and advanced techniques side-by-side.

    It's great to have an approximation of the calorie-burn range, too.

    Lovely people, fun workouts, I look forward to training with you again and again! You are my go-to coaches for my home workouts.

    Big waves and smiles from the UK! 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi..This one is so cool ..Thank you..I have a doubt..in this..I have broad shoulder..and i am women.Will this exercise make my body like men(broad rshoulder and with arm muscles)..I love these. vedio than any other video..and i have started foing this

  3. Great workout! sometimes it is hard to know which is the hardest part to breathe out on and which is the easy part to breathe in on! Thanks so much:-)

  4. I’ve been doing this workout for some weeks and boyyy u can’t tell my arms are getting skinnier and gaining muscle at the same time at first started with the 20minites arm workout then I did the 40m for a good time and I’ve even doing this 2 this is my favorite

  5. I've been working out consistently for 7 years, found this video as I searched for something different…well done! Feeling the burn big time! Calm, but honorable workout! Thank you!

  6. I do your workout vids a lot and this one was the absolute hardest one I’ve done yet but sooo good, thank you for what you guys do 🙏🏻 I feel like your workout vids are the only vids that I see results from! 😊

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