1. Thank you so much!!! I have bad knees, herniated disk in lower back and over weight… I have been trying to find something to help me get started and you guys are perfect!!! You not only gave me a great workout but you also motivated me throughout to keep fighting!!!! Thank you both so much!!!!

  2. Coach Kozak its been an amazing journey following all your work out routines! My husband dropped 10lbs eating healthy food and with the help of your workout videos!! Hats off to you and Claudia Thank you so much! We Love you Hasfit!

  3. Coach Kozak and Claudia, I love these workouts with an entire package of a warm up, cardio, abs and cool down. You guys make such sincere efforts towards your fitness goal; bring in a variety of moves, never making it look challenging even if it is. I experience the feeling of team work by the way you connect with your viewers. Great job!

  4. All I have to say is, if this is the beginner routine, I KNOW I can always find something to challenge me at any level. Love you guys, LOVE this routine!

  5. Good workout! 26 with tailbone issues and stuff like this makes it so i can get in a workout even at home without having to worry to much about the "what am i going to do tho" part 😓

  6. Only came across this workout today and its a real game changer compared to other workouts ive tried as it adds versatility. Abs can be quite a pain in the ass to train but this is an excellent alternative as it hits all the right areas with correct intensity. Look forward to making this part of my self conditioning routine.

  7. I've done this exercise several times since I can do it at home without waking up anybody and it is very intense. I love it but it is starting to feel easy for me now, and I don't have the means to increase weight as I can't afford dumbbells and bigger water bottles would be tough to grip. What do you recommend for this case (keep in mind the low noise requirement)?

  8. I had a hard time getting my core to engage in this workout. I found it to be a little faster than your other videos in terms of understanding the exercise before being able to do it. I found myself needing to switch to another of your videos to be able to get a core workout that I could feel. This felt like my legs and arms were getting the most workout. Any tips? I’m assuming I was missing something…

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