1. I never considered working out from a video before but with Corona, ppl are doing things differently so I started working out to videos and I haven’t worked out for years but I found your videos easy to follow and easy to do. I’m about 300 lbs and find it hard to get up and down off the ground and I like these standing exercises, plus I have problems with my knees and can’t kneel.

  2. I appreciate your workouts so much. I am used to working out every day and I have missed my routine so much during this covid shut down. I often do two different workouts to make it an hour. Your two are wonderful.

  3. Always a relief to hear last 10 seconds guys 😁….2 weeks of doing this and loving and getting better and stronger everyday..
    Thank you 🥰❤

  4. I just found this workout and it's awesome!!!! I hit a rut during quarantine not being able to meet with my gym partner but this all you need at home. Plus added bonus is you never lay on the floor!!

  5. One of the best workouts ever, complete with warm and cool down. Boy, they aren't kidding when they say there will be plenty of chances of wearing you out. No equipment required, fantastic workout!!

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