1. You guys are awesome. I appreciate the words of encouragement and that you both get sweaty so it shows that this work out is difficult. lol I for sure feel proud every time I workout with you both.

  2. Your work-outs are life-savers with all the time I'm spending indoors.

    Love both your positive vibes, the encouragement, the way you demo each exercise before beginning but most importantly, how you're changing countless lives!

  3. I love these videos. I usually avoid those that require equipment, because I prefer using my own body for exercise, but THESE videos are great. Love to burn some fat and build strength with my own body.

  4. to prevent yourself from wanting to pass out during the first stretch of the cooldown, make your head the last thing to come up. it makes a huge difference. thanks so much for the workout!

  5. Someone once commented how they love Claudia's countdown lol….yup was looking for it 😀 You guys are awesome! So happy I found you. Rather so happy "you" found me. Love your workouts!!

  6. I have been doing your workouts for over a year and i wanna say how much i appreciate you guys for helping me through my journey from 192 pounds to 150 pounds. Thank you so much.

  7. Whew! Just finished this one with my son and we are exhausted. You guys kick our butts every Thursday. I give him a choice on Thursday (I homeschool), he picks you guys, step workouts or Billy Blanks. Your videos are so awesome. He gets bored easy but you guys keep him motivated. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! (I need a snack and a nap now) jk! Keep up the great work.

  8. "discipline is doing what needs to be done even when you dont want to"…. well I actually enjoy my work out with you two…call me crazy but I actually listen to the full intro and end as I feel like I have two awesome workout partners.. I look forward to my late afternoon workout! thanks for keeping me motivated and keeping my sessions enjoyable..

  9. OMG!!! This one's a killer. But I had so much fun doing the bunny hops and mountain climbers. You both are awesome. Thanks so much for making these videos for all fitness levels. 🙂

  10. Awesome work out. Do you have any videos or workouts specifically for balance? I find myself tripping over myself a lot, especially when I try the backward step lunge.

  11. I love your workouts and your channel! Thank you both for what you offer, me and my husband have really been enjoying these AND looking forward to doing them together!

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