1. If y’all don’t know she has the best hands down booty workouts on the gym Ra channel. My ass had never looked so good. Go check her out!!!

  2. The instructor is like that one math teacher that just makes math fun to the point to where you fall in love with it! I love this instructor and the other girls !

  3. If any of you all finding that comment that here it is. This is a total full body workout. I can't really do push ups so I'm happy that they also have an alternate for low impact. When they say they're gonna tone the whole body, they weren't kidding! You will feel the burn all over. What's good is it also has the warm up and cool down already included. The instructor is very fun too! I didn't notice I was halfway through! You guys need to try this. If you're a beginner, this wouldn't be as hard as other full body workout videos on yt.

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