1. Too much cheering to my taste! Besides, I cant stand trainers that stop exercising and dont follow the group. Everybody gotta do it together. Disliked the video.

  2. loved this workout, it is fast but i think that was the point of it. i feel great after this defo will do this one again as well as the many others that i have found on pop sugar.this one is the best so far . you have kept me going while on lock down with the variety of workout. thank you 🙂

  3. i am loving these lessons, no wonder we trans girls can go on with the same exercises to bring our girlish look. thank you so much for sharing this. Transgender girl Ahinsa Anarkali Fernandez from Sri Lanka.

  4. Great workout! Is there any way to get the video without voice or even just the music track? After the first time the talking is a little annoying when I want to focus on my moves and the music. I would even pay for it.

  5. Definitely not recommendable to do this workout after another workout….I was dying, I had to pause the video a few times but I completed it! I'll do this workout more times and try to pause less each time until I can do it with no pausing at all! <3

  6. I really enjoyed the workout, but it's titled as a prenatal. I'm not sure what stage of prenatal it's intended for, but so much jumping and some of the abs were challenging at 27 wks.

  7. Amazing workout! But definitely nothing for beginners. You have to know the exercises in order to really quickly do them. modifications are barely explained as everything moves so quick.

  8. Woa! This is a super hard one, but fun. I felt like I had done a super hard workout by 20 minutes, but I made it through. I am a veteran of Popsugar Fitness, but this one gave me a run for my money. I am sweating buckets right now.

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