1. Mission sleep! Going to work on some winding down techniques so I can get to sleep early and get the rest my body needs! Crushed it!!! 🦵🏼🔥💦🙌🏼😴

  2. Just got turned onto your workouts and I've been doing them for about a week! It is amazing that you post every day! and I love the follow along style. Sydney, you are so encouraging and inspiring. I've always tended to slack off during workouts but have been consistently pushing myself along side you. I am hopeful for a journey toward complete health with your help along the way!!

  3. I love your workouts! thank you for all you do for us! since lots of us are still at home, and with no equipment, I´d highly appreciate if you could come up with some new no equipment work out…would be very usefull until we can have our hands down on some dumbells! thank you!

  4. This was my first workout back agter 2 weeks rest from a back injury! Crushed it and feeling great! Thank you for continuing to provide accesible workouts for all people!

  5. Sorry, I'm really loving your other work out videos but this one having me from floor to stands is really hard. It takes some time for me to get off the floor before you start the next round. It was too fast.

  6. I’ve had a lot of bumps the past few months, as I’m sure a lot of people have but being able to take care of my mind and body consistently is such a huge benefit!!! Thank you so much Sydney!!

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