1. Arms are sore after this 💪🏻
    Also made me realize I need to get some heavier weights I definitely could have pushed myself harder! Awesome to see I'm getting stronger!

  2. This is a great strength training workout, esp. for those of you who have only run during co vid! You can control the speed and weight. Not too long too!! Loved it!!!!

  3. As a woman, I find that woman talking about booty sounds a little degrading to me. Because there’s a lot of weak women needs strength training, and if you use having a big butt to motivate you, then you will only do workouts to make you look superficially good looking. But your arms, your legs and chest need a burnt out too. If you workout for superficial reasons, then you are never going to become the strong woman for all your body.

  4. This is my absolute favorite workout ever, I feel so great after this work out, love it!!! Thank you, please bring back this instructor, she is awesome!!!

  5. Love you routine, I managed to finish it all. I tend to let go the routine when it is too hard or can’t follow, but yours is simple and effective. I was really sweating. 🙏 thank you!!!

  6. Hi! Curious what the stretch movement is called at 32:19? I've for years had issues with what i thought was my hip or quad, and THIS truly stretches my leg and whatever area is sore- what specific area does this stretch? Thank you!

  7. That workout really sneaks up on you! Thought it was too easy for me up until just past mid-way when I started sweating! You ladies are so great to workout with!

  8. Thank you Popsugar! I've been doing your workouts regularly for two months now and it has really helped me to build my strength and boost my metabolism. And on top of that I also feel like my immune system has gotten a lot better as my boyfriend is sick all the time and I seem to have no problems with any of these illnesses even if I am around him all the time!

  9. That was amazing perfect combination of strength training and cardio, I feel like I sweated out all my demons, I was tested, great challenge, thank you! 🙂

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