1. Wow just did this work out for the first time and just started with these bands. With the gyms being closed still it was killing my doing nothing but very happy I found this. My fiancé and I are looking for what we pick next to add to our routine. Thank you and keep it up!

  2. Just started doing hasfit workouts. Can you make more resistance band workouts and also ones that focus on different muscle groups instead of just total body workouts? The app is great but would be better if you could filter for resistance band workouts too.

  3. I got recommended the resistance band by a colleague who is into fitness. Then i came across your videos. Thank You so much for the work you are doing! The videos are wonderful, understandable, adjustable, and help immensely with working on ones health. This is also wonderful for anyone who cannot or does not want to go to the gym for whatever reasons. Thank You!

  4. On these exercises how exactly am I supposed to be "squeezing my glutes?" Is it by squeezing my buttocks together, flexing my thighs forward, or something else? I am not sure I am doing it right.

  5. Another great workout…..Day 60- down 22lbs….I tell everyone this resistance band is such a great way to get fit- especially the come back! Thank you.

  6. Hi Hi ,,,I’m 43 and I need to reduce my visceral fat ,because it is 11, though I’m not overweight,,also I need to build up some muscles,,is resistant band helpful to build muscles and loose fat???thank you very much

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