1. I made my body transformation. I was able to lost 15lbs for only one month and finally started feeling healthy. I took plan from Next Level Diet and followed their tips. Thank you #*Next Level Diet*

  2. Why would I create a diet plan myself when there are people who certainly do that better then me? Visit NextLevelDiet and get your personalized meal plan.

  3. I've been doing this 4 times a week and cardio hiit 3 times a week every night after putting my kid to bed…my arms are toned and my legs showing muscle ..I dont have any scales but the mirror doesnt lie with the weight loss 😄👍

  4. Amy I love all your workouts! Been doing them since I was pregnant 4 years ago with your prenatal workouts 🥰I’m 43 now and really looking for a more strength workout for full body! Do you recommend this one or is there a better one for me? Thanks Amy xxx

  5. Amazing quick and hard workout. She doesn't waste anytime starting and no in between rests – which is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm a busy single mom, work full-time and this is the perfect weight training video that's quick and challenging. 30 minutes, drenched, done! Thank you!

  6. Hi! I'm a 21 year old female whose weight fluctuates between 63 and 65 kilos. I've been trying to get fit and just 2 weeks ago my brother got me into deadlifting, however I started noticing my traps and neck growing in size and that's not what I'm going for. I want to look fit and lean and was hoping if following your workouts would help me lose all that unproportionate fat around my belly and love handles. Your swift reply would help me immensely. I've been feeling so down about myself and I don't know what to do to get fit and lean.

  7. I love Amy's workouts. I'm pretty athletic but sometimes a lot of these online workouts are hard to follow and the instructors jump around from thing to thing to so fast. Amy is so easy to follow! She gives you time to understand what's coming next and her workouts are deceptively hard. I feel so good and sweaty afterward. She's seriously one of the best I've found online. Great channel Amy. You are helping a lot of people.

  8. Great workout especially after quarantine for so long uugh right anyway Amy, just recommend you instruct for those watching to tuck the hips support s the back. Your workout is awesome

  9. Awesome! Love the slight changes in the workout, which workout the full body. And if your friend is single….tell her to call me lol

  10. Amy, these workouts that you have shared have saved my life during self-quarantine. After very recently finishing grad school I was finally taking the time to get to the gym 5 days a week and get STRONG again. I was worried I wasn't going to be able to continue making progress at home (I've tried and failed before)… until I found your channel. I have recommend these to everyone I know and occasionally we FaceTime while doing them together. THANK YOU!

  11. This woman is my favorite person to follow on YouTube for exercising. Everything is simple and well explained. Even a beginner can do it!

  12. I have lost 10lbs in just one month by following diet plan from *Next Level Diet*. It's really a great tool. I recommended it to my family members and we all started to eat and live healthier. Long live #*Next Level Diet*.

  13. My dad lost 100lbs. I visited NextLevelDiet and followed their steps. I only selected food he likes and they provided me with FULL PACKET in seconds. I got 30 days DIET MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PLAN, FITNESS TIPS, and HEALTHY RECIPES as well.

  14. Awesome! Since my gym is closed because of Covid and I can’t work out with my trainer, I decided to dust off the dumbbells and search for a workout I could do at home. I’m glad I found this one…it’s absolutely amazing!! I’m going to feel it tomorrow 💪🏻

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