1. I've been trying to do workouts every day and this woman is by FAR my favourite instructor, so funny and down to earth. Felt like doing a workout with a mate, it got me sweating but actually the first FUN workout I've done so far!

  2. Whoa!!! Great workout. I love these because I always feel like I am hanging out with my crew!! Love the "hammer move" haha! Thank you so much for the free content. Peace and Blessings to all!

  3. Hi popsugar !!!
    I just want to know the time for doing any exercise
    As I am having night shift so I only have 2 hrs in the afternoon after eating breakfast (lunch for everyone)
    So plz tell me the time when we can do any type of exercises…

  4. This was a fun work out! I'm been doing more POPSUGAR workouts now that I'm working from home. I loved that she showed modifications first, then showed what advanced form looked like.
    The trainer was energetic and funny

  5. STOP TALKING SO MUCH during the workout it’s very confusing (and a bit annoying tbh)… also we felt the workout was a bit boring, it was flowing very well…

  6. LOVED THIS!! Felt like I was at the gym with friends. Amazing chemistry and so much fun and humour. Thank you for sharing 🙏 Will absolutely look for more from this instructor 💃🏻♀️💕

  7. I want to share this with you, if you don't mind.

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    I hope you already know God for yourself, but if you don't know Him you can know Him today.
    Jesus suffered, bled and died to pay for your sins and mine, out of love for us!
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    If you have never gone to God and repented of your sins and put your faith in Him, now is the time my friend.

  8. No really a beginner workout. I'm a big girl…… I have bad knees and joints in general due to my excessive weight. obviously i'm here trying to change that. This is a good workout, but not for someone who is just beginning.

  9. 2회째
    1. 어제 운동 처음 시작한 여파로 하체쪽 근육통이 장난 아니다.
    2. 몇가지 동작은 어제보다 수월하게 했는데 하체 근육(허벅지 안쪽하고 햄스트링 쪽)을 쓰는 몇 동작은 하기 힘들다.
    3.마지막에 하는 엉덩이 운동 중 오른쪽 다리 들고 왼쪽다리를 차주는 동작은 끝까지 하기 힘들어서 중간에 잠깐 쉬었다가 했다.

  10. Thank you so much for this. The energy was amazing and even though I was a beginner I did not feel left out because you guys addressed people at all fitness levels.

  11. Really didn't like this workout, Far to much nonsense talking (they never shut up!) and too long a gap inbetween exercises. Ended up doing my own thing just to keep my heart rate up.

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