1. Oh my goodness, this is the best by far, I have not worked out in ages, and I feel so out of shape and unhealthy. This made me sweat and going to keep doing this along with eating healthier. My goal is to get off meds and shed some weight.

  2. Day 1: I made it to 15 mins without breaks not joking

    Day 2: I don't know how I made it but only 12 mins

    Day 3: made it to 16 mins a bit better and I'm only 12 years old

    Dont stop!!

  3. Love this. Quarantine baking had me gaining. I'll admit I paused a lot but kept going. This is my new fav workout. I'll be doing this every morning till I can get it without pausing♥️

  4. This is my second week on this video and I went from 220 to 212 my first week I love the instructor I love seeing people whose body’s aren’t perfect really encouraging I’m going to try to switch between all the workouts

  5. Oh my! I just finished the workout and I can’t say how great full I am to have found your videos! This is my third week and these videos are my go to’s. Thank you!

  6. I weigh 222 my goal weight is 160. This is my first night doing this as well as eating better and not drinking soda/ sugary things. I need to keep doing this. Thank you for whoever made this. This is the first step to a new me.

  7. I loved this workout me and my daughter who’s 5 years old did it with me, I’m a littler over 230lbs and the healthy guy kept me in the game he made me not give up, Thank you

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