1. Great workout! Ill be 60 in 2 months and the pace is perfect for recovery between sets. Also, thanks for explaining the muscle groups that are being utilized. Workout provides a good sweat!

  2. THANK YOU! Finally I understand how to lunge without pain! I have been trying to do them wrong for all this time and thought it was just because I have bad knees I couldn't perform them! I couldn't even learn proper form from Athlean-X lol. Thanks a million!

  3. I discovered this workout (but not the YouTube video of it) some time ago and love it! Stumbled upon the YouTube video today and wow! Didn’t think it could get any better but I was wrong! Please, please give us more HIIT workouts! PS His 20 minute arm workout is awesome too! Thanks Tone and Tighten!

  4. What excercise or body part should I work on the next day after doing this? Or just rest my body completely? @ Tone and Tighten have any workouts that you would recommend a day after this workout? Also is it better to skip in between days when working out or workout 6 days a week but different parts of the body?

  5. This was amazing – Esp. in times of the Virus and the lockdown!!! Perfect exercise for a full body work out!! It'll be nice if along side the vocals you can talk about breathing in each set! 🙂 Thanks a ton. My body is burning like hell!!

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