1. My dad lost 100lbs. I visited NextLevelDiet and followed their steps. I only selected food he likes and they provided me with FULL PACKET in seconds. I got 30 days DIET MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PLAN, FITNESS TIPS, and HEALTHY RECIPES as well.

  2. What a new and creative workout to torture us with! As I've said before, you never disappoint! Thank you so much for working so hard at making me work so hard.

  3. I just got through this 2nd workout, and doing it with a toe injury wasn’t the easiest by any means. But, you make your workouts so uplifting and engaging that I was able to push myself through it the best way I could! ♥️ You make me feel so proud to say “I CRUSHED IT!” every morning 🤩 💪🏼

  4. Look forward to doing one of your workouts everyday… truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your workouts have truly changed my life. Puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day after every workout <3

  5. Love you and your workouts! I have made such a physical improvement from doing these videos throughout quarantine! Love the no equipment workouts because I only have a mat haha

  6. Crushed it today. And I have to say I have been doing your workouts for quite some time. They have kept me grounded not only physically but your amazing encouragement has also helped with my own fitness journey. I have recommended your channel to so many people. Unlike other home workouts that I have tried it is amazing to see the instructor doing the entire workout and acting like a person instead of a machine. I hope that one day I can inspire people the same way that you do and have been working hard towards becoming the person I want to be on the outside to match the person I am inside. Thank you so much.

  7. I have always thought that dieting is eating only green vegetables and drinking water. NextLevelDeit proved me wrong. I am eating delicious and nutritionally rich food and still reaching my fitness goals.

  8. Sydney, just discovered you two weeks ago and already did lots of workouts with you! They are really challenging, diverse and fun to do. I love your energy and the end talks, you are a really good trainer and I thank you for sharing these for free during these uncertain times. Keep up the good work and stay safe! 🌞

  9. Every day, I wake up, eat breakfast, and work out to one of your videos. You definetly have been one of my only constants in these times! Thanks!

  10. I started running before the quarantine as I signed up for the Whiskey Row Marathon. Well now we are in quarantine but I can no longer do my routine of running every other day and then going to the gym every other day. I love these workouts! I have now intergraded them into my daily routine and I think I can just do this at home and I won’t have to go to the gym anymore! Thank you for helping me train for the marathon. Since everything is virtual I have signed up for 9 5ks. With the training I have been doing I was able to do 6 of them in 1 week, 3 I did on the same day. Thank you for your fabulous workouts! They helped me reach my goals! #beatthequarintine15

  11. Your workouts make me feel like I’ve accomplished something.. I love these workouts in the morning after I’ve had my coffee. It sets me up for a successful day. Thank you for all the support and inspiration.

  12. One positive that has come out of this pandemic is that I found you and I have worked out daily since day 1!!! (well, 2 positives!!) I'm wondering approximately how many calories are burned in this workout?

  13. Amazing workouts! I do this after work and is always very helpful, mostly because I don't spend the same energy as before in this days… Is always great to have new ideas to workout. Thanks Sydney!

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