1. Only 30 mins but that's a lot of sweat. Thanks guys, keep up the good work and constant instruction, it really helps because when tiredness kicks in I forget. Love it, even though I'm soaked I'm pleased with the results thus far.

  2. Whenever I have an event I'm attending, I make this my go-to workout several times a week for a few weeks. It's so effective. Bikini body level. 🤗😊😊😊One of my favorite videos from Fitness Blender.

  3. Uuuuh that was so hard and it felt like I've done this for about 2 hours but I'll do this everyday from now and on. Who wants an update in about 3 weeks?

  4. So for the high knees I've noticed Kelli doesn't tilt her pelvis up and I was always told you have to when doing them. Is there really a big difference to when you do to when you don't?

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