1. Excellent workout. My balance and flexability have increased significantly.. Coach and Claudia are great motivators.. I'm active but not a gym person.. This workout keeps me coming back.. Thank you..

  2. I'm a 71 year old woman who is now sheltered in place, so no YMCA for me. HASfit has been wonderful for me to stay on my fitness routine. I have been doing the low impact cardio with 3# weights.

  3. Everything is good about the workout. Except 1 thing, that there should be takraar a break of 20 seconds between each exercise, the body becomes too strained due to continuous exercises.

  4. I've come back to continue my fitness routine with my husband with the help of your channel. Thank you coach!. You're both awesome to assist in everyone's personal health goals.

  5. As someone who struggles with being active I really appreciate these low impact standing workouts. I don’t like when instructors spend most of the class jumping, on their wrists in plank, or on their tailbone in boat. I keep coming back to your channel because I don’t have the risk of injury or discouragement and don’t have to sacrifice good form and calorie burn. Please, for people like me, keep up the excellent work! 💕

  6. My 69 year old friend who has a fused spine had been doing your Senior workouts regularly for a few years now and they have done her so much good. She has now converted me to Hasfit cardio workouts as I am 50 plus and still fit and flexible I do the intermediate to advanced. These workouts are great I can really feel my body has worked out after these especially my butt! I love the advice you give about alternating the weights too as well as correct posture etc. You both work so well together and give us everything we need. Thank you!

  7. I enjoy these workouts but my only pointer would be to remind people not to arch the lower back. I found myself doing so but since I also practice a lot of yoga I self-corrected. Thanks for the workout!

  8. I am sooo pleased to have found your low impact cardio videos! I have been very active in past years but now have severe cartilage loss in both knees so these sessions are wonderful and are putting a smile on my face! Thank you 🙂

  9. I am a senior, but a pretty active one. I kind of “broke” myself with a couple of horseback related injuries over the space of a few years, starting 5 years ago. I have very slowly been coming back in the last couple of years, doing exclusively yoga. Then I decided I needed more and I started with your seated workouts, then your Senior workouts and now your low impact workouts. I did this one today and had to stop for a water break between segments. I was shaking at the end. I kind of felt like a failure, until I remembered where I started. You two are the very best!

  10. Thankyou so much for this amazing workout. I was actually on the lookout for some exercise for the whole body and hit upon this video only today, though I am not new to your workouts. I felt so fresh and well rejuvenated. Keep the great work going.Thanks once again from India

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