1. Tried it again since 2,5 month. I could do 3 times per week without any problem. And then corona started, my business went down and I had lots of stress and decided to not do exercises ( bad idea of course ). Finally my business is fine now and I started again but couldn’t finish. This lockdown caused more damage than it did good imo. GL everyone!

  2. Great, hard and sweaty. Needed a bit of a push to get me moving and I modified some moves to fit my fitness and strength levels, but otherwise a great workout 😀

  3. You were kicking my butt by min 20. Thank you! When my barbell gym closed due to COVID, I know which workouts I would get back to at home – YOURS, every time. I’ve been telling the folks at my gym, anyone who mentions getting fit at home. Thank you for the service you provide.

  4. Thought the first round was relatively easy…second round killed me! Any tips for maintaining a fully extended plank for the high plank renegade row? I found my but kept popping up. Is this core stabilization? Thank you!!

  5. When my circumstances allow I shall be donating to Patreon…you guys have THE BEST kettle classes…..sooo value them….thank you for making them free for us here…

  6. I have worked out with you every morning before work during the covid-19 stay at home orders. This one kicked my butt but I have been so grateful for these workouts. Thank you!!!!

  7. I've been doing this workout 3 times a week for 3 years. Now I'm toned like you (or I) can't believe. But……although it still hurts, I no longer sweat during this workout. Is it a problem?

  8. One month later, i dropped the 5 pound kettlebells and now i'm alternating 10 and 22 pounds, thank you so much, i'm thinner and stronger 🤗

  9. I've been exercising quite a lot at the gym but I haven't been eating the best but now I'm eating more but I still feel weak doing these exercises even though I've built up muscle. It's frustrating because I have to stop after about 10 mins but I don't want to burn more calories but I want to build muscle.

  10. I lost count on how many times I yelled out the F word while doing this workout. I was soaked in sweats by the time it was over but it felt really good. I’m going to continue this for a month at least and see how it goes.

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