1. Whoaaaa….from tomorrow I'll start in the morning..
    Will surely let u the results..
    Present weight is 75
    Can u suggest that how much gap to be given after my 1st glass of detox water??

  2. i am in love with ur workout sir i am blessed that i got ur channel put more video for fat loss and i will share my results with u love from India 👍

  3. I did this workout this am. And it was a definite challenge but I made it through!!! Yah!!! Great job ROBERTA!!! Thank you for all the great videos!!!

  4. This exercise is so boring and bad,there is a few movements only,doing same things is very boring.Dear Admin please dont do this,please publish exercises which are including different movements,my english isnt good enough sorry for this

  5. I have a question that confuses me , when I have to  take shower ? Is it directly after the workout or is it better to wait an hour ?

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